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Astleford International Trucks is leading the pack with big savings on trucks that are changing the game with the 'Drive The Difference' Sales Event. Astleford International is one of the largest International trucks dealerships in the upper Midwest. Come by and see your complete line of trucks- We have road ready trucks instock now!

It's uptime when your truck delivers on time, everytime.

Astleford has a truck for virtually any commercial application. We offer International, Mitsubishi FUSO, and Isuzu trucks. We present a complete range of services and are dedicated to serving you in the most efficient manner possible, at the lowest overall cost, with the best available products.

New HX Lineup

  • On Command

    A FULLY CONNECTED FLEET When paired with On Command Connection you gain access to even more standard health reporting tools. Fewer dealer service trips means less downtime, less cost, and a whole lot more uptime
  • Our Engine Portfolio

    Built for performance, reliability, durability and fuel-efficiency, our diesel engines keep vehicles and fleets operating at their highest levels. From the city to the open road, our engines bring the power for nearly every commercial truck and bus application. Navistar and Cummins engines meet the demands for optimum performance and clean diesel operation while offering legendary reliability and durability. These advantages ensure owners International Trucks and buses will be "Always Performing."

    Say hello to the ProStar® ES fuel effi ciency package. The ProStar® ES is part of an ecosystem with the perfect balance of superior aerodynamics and drivetrain optimization, customized by our highly experienced Performance Engineering Team and monitored through our exclusive OnCommand™ Connection remote diagnostics system. It’s a revolutionary new model that brings all the elements into harmony to make your bottom line sing.
  • Introducing The New HX

    The industry’s only dedicated severe service aluminum cab offers riveted and bonded lap seams for increased strength and easier repair. Sloped 3-Piece Metton hood designed to be stronger than fiberglass and resistant to cracking over the life of the truck. Available dual external air cleaners deliver heavy duty filtration, easy maintenance and long service life. Bold, aggressive styling with all metal grille with bright surround and bright bars provide a unique, rugged look.

    As one of the most popular partnerships in trucking, Cummins® and International® have teamed up again to deliver the kind of performance and action that ProStar® customers have come to expect from the most effiffi cient and innovative Class 8 truck on the road. The Cummins ISX15 offffers: ????I mpressive fuel economy ?? Broad range of horsepower options ???? B50 life of over 1 million miles ???? Widespread service and support network

    When you need a truck that gets the job done and is always ready for the next one, a truck that leaves worry behind, the International® DuraStar® is a no-brainer. DuraStar is available with a strong range of diesel engine options – including the Cummins® ISB6.7, Cummins ISL9 and the durable Navistar® N9 – in several horsepower and torque ranges. DuraStar features the Diamond Logic® electrical system bringing the brainpower, flexibility and convenience of advanced electronics to the truck’s electrical system, making the vehicle easier to use and maintain. DuraStar is a hard-working, versatile truck that will help you get the most out of your business.

A26 Uptime Assurance Program